Vodní zdroje Holešov a.s.

Vodní zdroje Holešov a.s. was incorporated in 1992, continuing a more than forty-year-old tradition as the formerly state-owned company Vodní zdroje in the fields of environmental protection and the exploration, surveying and protection of water resources.

In the mid-1990s, Vodní zdroje Holešov a.s. was transformed into a modern engineering company capable of providing qualified and complex solutions of problems related to the removal of environmental burdens, in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, water and waste management. In 1996, the Company was registered in the databases of the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for environmental consultants.

Within the Company, orders are carried out by project teams consisting of geologists, hydro-geologists, chemists, and technology specialists, as well as experts in the fields of health-risk assessment, mathematic modelling and information systems. Unlike a majority of engineering and consulting companies operating in the field of environmental protection, Vodní zdroje Holešov a.s. offers complete service delivery. The Company has its own accredited analytical laboratory, the latest sampling and measuring technologies, drilling rigs for all types of rock environments, technology for the regeneration and cleaning of wells, and its own certified decontamination technology. The quality of all services provided by Vodní zdroje Holešov a.s. is guaranteed by established and certified systems for quality and environmental management.

Our clients are companies, regional and municipal authorities, state institutions, entrepreneurs and private individuals. All of them are offered complete services, first-rate quality and, in particular, an individual and tailored approach. Vodní zdroje Holešov a.s. will always strive to guarantee safety and security for its partners.

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